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PTFE bush bearings offer dry-running lubrication

dodano: 3 stycznia, 04:03 przez dsfjkdsjf

Combined with its high melting temperature, this makes it the material of choice as a high-performance substitute for weaker and lower melting point plastics commonly used in low-cost applications.

It is also chemically inert, so it cannot be cross-linked like an elastomer. It has no "memory" and is subject to creep allowing PTFE seals to conform to mating surfaces better than most other plastic seals.

The formulations of PTFE include infusions with glass, carbon, bronze and other fillers, giving it added properties while allowing it to retain most of its unique characteristics.

Its main properties are as follows: - 1) Wear resistance making it ideal for bearing applications 2) Low friction making it ideal for non-stick applications 3) Chemically inert making it applicable in chemical and medical industries 4) Wide working temperature range allowing it to be useful in harsh environments 5) Dielectric strength which makes it useful as an insulation material. Products Bridge Bearings Bridges consists of two structures, the substructure and the superstructure. The function of the bearing is to act as the medium between these. Bearings usually employ PTFE sheets with a 25% glass filling which improves creep properties. Fillers of bronze, carbon and MoS2 are also available Gaskets Poly Fluoro stocks virgin, mechanical, glass-filled and bondable gasket material in thickness from 0.25mm to 6mm, in lengths of 150mm to 1200mm and in areas of 75 to 300 square cm. Dies can be created to match any gasket dimensions required. Special widths can be sized to order in long rolls with close tolerances. Tubes The properties of PTFE FluoroTube make it ideal for applications such as medical, chemical and automotives. 1) It is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals 2) Working temperature range is -260C to +260C 3) It is chemically resistant, making it ideal for medical applications 4) Extremely low coefficient of friction 5) FluoroTube comes in sizes ranging from 1mm to 25mm diameters Bushes PTFE bush bearings offer dry-running lubrication-free behavior. The bushings provide the step from a simple plastic bushing to a proven and tested, and thereby predictable, machine component. These bushes are lightweight and corrosion resistant, as well as maintenance and lubrication free to enable a solution for almost all applications. Poly Fluoro offers bushes in PTFE both with virgin material as well as with a variety of fillers including bronze, carbon, glass, ceramic, graphite and molybdenum disulphide. Tapes The thickness stocked in the tapes is 0.025mm to 6mm. All tape can be etched for bonding; etched material is stocked in standard sizes. Sheets Standard sheet sizes are 75, 150, 250 and 300 square cm. It is available as virgin PTFE, and can be filled with glass fiber or other materials to enhance certain properties, like hardness. All tapes and sheets can be etched for bonding. PTFE Rods Stocked in sizes from 0.3mm diameter up through all of the standard larger diameters. Ram extruded rods are available in all standard fills: glass fiber (5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%), carbon, bronze and in different colors for fabricated product identification and safety. PTFE Plate Available from stock in thickness from 5mm to 50mm, and in standard square sizes. Special sizes brake pad factory can be made to order up to 150mm thick. Large diameter rings and billets can be made. PTFE can be filled with glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide, carbon and bronze to increase hardness and change its properties for applications like brake linings and bearing pads. Etched plates for bonding are available from stock.

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